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Apple’s capitalization reached $900 billion after the beginning of iPhone X sales

On Saturday, the information came to light that 11 princes of Saudi Arabia, 4 active and dozens of former ministers were arrested, presumably, in relation to suspicion of corruption. The initiator of the arrests is the Supreme Committee, on the establishment of which the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz, reported the day before. The Committee was headed by his son - Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The media is already called the events in Saudi Arabia the "palace coup". Almost nobody believes that the reason for the arrest was the suspicion of corruption. Those close to the royal family believe that in this way Prince Mohammed bin Salman strengthens his position in the country.

A little later on Saturday, Saudi Arabia's anti-aircraft forces shot down a ballistic missile over the capital of the Kingdom of Riyadh, which flew from Yemen. Local authorities consider the incident only as an act of military aggression on the part of Iran, and reserve the right of retaliatory strike as self-defense.

At the backdrop of political unrest in Saudi Arabia, the oil prices continued the upward trend, which strated on Friday after the publication of the data from Baker Hughes. According to the last week’s report, the number of operating drilling rigs in the USA reduced by 8 and amounted to 729 units. The reduction in US drilling activity continues for four of the five last weeks. It allows investors to hope that the number of oil reserves in the country has significantly reduced.