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PBN Invest Company gives traders an opportunity to trade both currencies and futures (which is the same to CFD). It allows more options to earn money, not only on currency buying and selling.

Futures are a type of contract concluded on product’s future supply. Futures contract buyer is obliged to buy product in terms and seller is obliged to sell it in this terms. Both obligations are about product’s standard amount which would be executed in a fixed price and term determined by a contracting time.

PBN Invest MT4 terminal allows you to trade oil, metals, agriculture and other futures.  Futures trading process is similar to currency pairs trading process because the same indicators, graphics, order setting rules, technical and fundamental analysis basic principles are used.

Let’s draw the attention on differences between futures and currency pairs trade process:

  • Forex currency pair may be remained open for months, years or any time period, but futures have an expiration date.
  • If you won’t close position it will be forced to be closed in a day and time of contracts expiration date.

You need to create trading account by clicking the button in this page below if you want to start earning money on futures trading.  Then you will be redirected to Personal Account to upload documents confirming your identity and place of residence. You need to make first deposit to start real trading if you don’t want testing your skills on demo account. You can find suitable payment methods to deposit or replenish account in “Cash Management” tab in your Personal Account.


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