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Forex seems to be something incredible and complicated for novice traders. Charts, dynamic quotations, plenty of tools to help - this all is an embarrassment of riches and fresh traders do not know what start learning with.

Ideally, novices need a leader who could guide the actions in the right direction. But what novices actually do? They rides off in all directions: they study literature, review other people's strategies, think that the professionals have already worked it all out and everything is there. Also, novices actively download indicators and advisors, hoping that robots will trade better than them. However, as a result, using everything at once, without studying properly the theory of work in the foreign exchange market and the functional features of the trading platform, newcomers lose money and get disappointed in the trading.

Therefore, PBN Invest offers our clients free Forex education from the best trader-consultants and technical specialists. In particular, you will find the FAQ section on our website, which contains answers to the most frequently asked questions of traders. And also, we suggest to get acquainted with the Wiki-dictionary, where the most frequently used definitions on Forex are listed in alphabetical order.


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